Sunday stroll on Moruisg

first cairn 100m from summit


Area: Kyle of Lochalsh to Garve

Munros: Moruisg

Date walked: 25/09/2012

Time taken: 3 hours

Distance: 7 km

Ascent: 820m

The Route


Well after Saturdays walk I was quite looking forward to driving home however I had a single Munro still to bag in the Torridon area and decided to get it out the way whilst I was here. On the plus side it would give my legs a chance to warm down from the previous days excertions. If you believe that rubbish then you must be daft hahaha. I was knackered and it was only after talking to Danny that he encouraged me to bag Moruisg on the way home. Ach why not, it cant be hard hahaha.

The Walk

So after getting to the start and putting my wet boots back on I headed through the gate, over the bridge, over the dodgy looking planks, under the railway and through the walkers gate. There were two others on the hill that had started before me and they were heading directly up the hillside. I done the same and managed to lose the track after a short while and headed directly up over the heather.

I could see the second walkers gate in the deer fence up ahead and headed for that but on reflection if I had turned right after the first walkers gate there is a good path most of the way up the main incline. As I progressed up the hillside it got steeper and steeper and I was finding it hard work. I caught up with one of the guys not long after. It turns out that this was his first Munro and he said he chose an easy one to start with.

Well I can tell you there are many Munros that would take a lot less effort so I hope this one hasn’t put him off. After a while the degree of ascent lessons and the first cairn appears. A quick right turn and 100m later I am on the summit. I have a good chat with the first walker and then just retrace my steps back down the hillside.

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