Monty walks a Corbett !! oh and a Munro

View to An Sgarsoch


Area: Glen Tromie to Glen Tilt

Munros included on this walk: Carn a’Chlamain

Corbetts included on this walk: Beinn Mheadhonach

Date walked: 28/01/2012

Time taken: 6.5 hours

Distance: 30 km

Ascent: 1400m


Another weekend brings another Munro bagging excursion. This week it was to be Carn a Chlaiman from Glen Tilt car park at Blair Atholl. The weather forecast was for blue skies with lots of sunshine, but it never really materialized although the weather was nice for walking. It was clear and crisp and cold, -4 degrees in the car park, with the occasional sunshine and some snow underfoot.

The Walk

I had set of early and arrived at the car park just after 0700. By 0720 I was kitted out and since it was dark I also had to put my head torch on for the walk through the forest. The plan today was to go in reasonably quickly and see how the walk developed. I hurt my back on Monday but it had been improving since and I hoped that it wouldn’t give me any bother.

So on through the forest and onto the Landrover track. I followed the Landrover track for 2.5km, across the bridge and then along the east side of the river for 4.5km all the way past Marble Lodge, cross another bridge and 1km later cross the soldiers bridge. (So called because it was built by the Royal Engineers). Once I crossed this bridge I headed North directly up the hillside for 300m whereupon I regained the Landrover track. Not long after this I crossed the snow line. I followed the Landrover track for approx 2.7km and then left the Landrover track for the final 1.5km to head directly up to the spot height and then onto the summit of Carn a Chlamain. Carn A Chlamain has quite a pointy summit and the final ascent was icy and snow covered. Crampons may have been advisable but I felt secure enough without. The sun was threatening to come out but it never really appeared for any length of time with lots of cloud above. But on the plus side neither did it rain or snow and there was very little wind. However it was very cold on the summit. It was only 10am so I was making good progress.

Its now a 5km walk to the summit of the Corbett Beinn Mheadhonach which is due West from Carn a Chlamain. I am heading for the Northern beallach just below Braigh nan Creagan Breac, about 1.7km, and It’s easy enough to see a good line around the hillside in order to get there. There are some peat hags but the ground is frozen and I imagine I am making better time across them than I would in the summer. On reaching the beallach I can clearly see the Corbett. I still have 1.5km to walk down the hillside and again this is peat hag country. This would be a nightmare in a wet summer. I am soon at the Allt Mhairc. It is not in spate and it’s easy enough to cross. It’s now a climb of 300m for the last 1.5km up to the Corbett summit. The sun has been working on this East facing slope and the snow is soft in places slowing my progress. However it’s not a hard climb and I am soon on the summit

It’s now homeward bound. 5km descent to the Bridge over the Allt Mhairc, 1km to the bridge over the Allt Diridh and 6km walk on the Landrover track on the West or east side of the river Tilt. I had intended to cross Gilberts bridge and walk on the easier East track but ended up staying on the up and down hilly West track. Ach well you can’t help trouble hahaha. Got back to the car quite tired I have to say at 1345.

P.s. The gps track was all over the place on the final walk out. I find that happens when the battery gets low and I couldn’t be bothered to change it haha.

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