Beinn Liath Mhor and Sgor Ruadh from Torridon

Andrew spotted a photo opportunity


Area: Applecross to Achnasheen

Munro’s: Beinn Liath Mhor, Sgorr Ruadh

Date walked: 07/07/2012

Time taken: 6.3 hours

Distance: 20 km

Ascent: 1450m

The Route









After walking on liathach in a storm on Thursday I was again feeling under the weather on Friday but for a very different reason. My sore throat and headache was now developing into a bad cold. I was feeling drained of energy and had to take a days rest. It was nice just taking it easy in Kinlochewe hotel. Catching up on some website work and generally taking it easy but I had to go for a two hour siesta around 4pm. I was looking forward to a good walk on Saturday and I was hoping to tackle the Torridon giants or maybe the three Munros just South of Torridon. Andrew was also hoping to get some Munro’s done this weekend but with the weather being poor almost everywhere he was not too sure if he was heading out at all. I noticed when I drove down from Corrie Hallie that the water in Loch Glasgarnoch was extremely low, which did not seem right due to the huge amount of rain which had fallen in the past few months, but after talking to Gail in the hotel she informed me that they were nearly experiencing drought conditions with there being so little rain this far North this year. So after giving Andrew the dry weather news he was all for a walk around the three Munros South of torridon. This was to be quite a big walk and I was not sure how I was going to fair but that was the plan. So after a terrible night in which I was awake coughing for the most part I was ready and waiting for Andrew at the hotel and he duly arrived on que around 7am. A quick drive to the car park below Liathach and we were ready to start our planned walk. I was feeling drained of energy however and I was not sure I would make the first ascent. There was a slight wind in the car park which was keeping the midges down and the summits were in the clag but otherwise it was dry.

The Walk

We crossed the bridge and took the well made path into the hillside. The path heads South meandering up the hillside for just over 4km whereupon we leave the path heading South East for the final 2km to the summit of Beinn Liath Mhor. The ascent was fairly steep but not too bad and the last 100m ascent or so is a boulder field. The summit was in the mist so there no views to be had. We had walked this at a more sedate pace than normal but I was feeling no better than earlier hahaha. We had a good rest here. We now headed South West down the mist covered craggy hillside. We had to descend some big crags which were interesting and good fun and we were soon crossing over the good path that heads East to West through Coire Lair. After crossing the path we started to ascend South West up the hillside below Sgor Ruadh. Once we reached the Bealach we headed South East for the final 200m ascent to the summit. I was drained to say the least when we got to the summit. Again we had been taking it easy and had only walked 9km so far but I said to Andrew that I couldn’t go on hahaha. We had another good rest whilst we pondered on the next Munro. A decision was made that I would continue so far and then bale out at an appropriate place if need be. My mind was willing as usual but not so sure about the body however we would continue and see what transpired. Due to the thick mist the planned steep descent South East from Sgor Ruadh was out of the question. The alternative was to retrace our steps back to the good path in Coire Lair and follow the path North West as it descends and contours around Bealach na Lice, then a mad ascent up the North East face of Maol Chean Dearg. This was nuts hahaha. However we set of on our new route, down to the path then onwards and started the descent to the Beallach. At this point the North East face of Maol Chean Dearg came into view. The summit was in the clag and I realised immediately that there was no way I could do this today. I was happy for Andrew to continue and I would walk out and drive down the road to pick him up but after some thought he decided to leave this one for the easy and short walk in from Achnasheen. We now had a 6km walkout with some of it over undulating pathless terrain, but once we reached the main path the going was easy enough. On the descent we met an 80 year old chap. He had walked in to Lochan Neimhe and done some fishing. He had caught a handful of Char using a small spinner. He said he fishes lots of these small Lochans and usually find nice trout. Awesome. And a short time later we were back at the car.

Positives today. Weather was better than expected. Great company. Bagged two more Munros. Meeting an 80 year old guy still walking and fishing in the hills.

Negatives. I am currently unwell hahahha.

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